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What is the price of a cassava starch processing machine

What is the price of a cassava starch processing machine?

1. Different materials will affect the price of cassava starch processing machine

At present, the commonly used materials for tapioca starch processing machines mainly include stainless steel and carbon steel. Generally, the processing and drying parts of starch production lines are usually made of stainless steel to ensure the quality of starch. The cleaning and cleaning parts can be stainless steel or carbon steel. Therefore, you can tell us your material needs and we will provide you with a specific price for the tapioca starch processing machine.

2. Higher configuration equipment costs more

In the starch concentration and refining process, customers can choose to use only the hydrocyclone system, or use the disc separator and the hydrocyclone system at the same time to achieve a better purification effect. Therefore, your different requirements for configuration will also lead to different prices of tapioca starch processing machines.

3. The higher the degree of automation, the higher the price

With the development of starch equipment, the degree of automation of starch production lines is getting higher and higher. We can provide you with fully automatic equipment from cassava feeding to packaging, as well as MCC control cabinets, OCC control cabinets, on-site LCB cabinets and supporting CCTV monitoring systems. But its price is higher. Of course, if the starch quality is not high, you can choose a semi-automatic production line.


In addition to the above reasons, whether the equipment comes from the original manufacturer or a foreign trade company will also affect the price of the cassava starch processing machine. Obviously, the equipment prices of foreign trade companies are higher. Therefore, when you choose, it is best to determine your needs and understand supplier information in order to obtain cost-effective equipment.

But here we can provide you with a reference range. Basically, the price of a tapioca starch processing machine is between US$10,000 and US$300,000, or even higher. The specific price depends on your needs for equipment capacity, materials, configuration, etc.

.The larger the equipment capacity, the higher the price

Needless to say, large-capacity equipment costs more money. According to different needs, we have equipment with different capabilities to choose from, and the price of cassava starch processing machine is also different. Our SIDA company can provide the following equipment

0.5 tons/hour: mobile cassava starch processing plant

1-2 tons/hour: small tapioca starch processing plant

3-5 tons/hour: medium-sized tapioca starch processing plant

5 tons/hour or higher: large tapioca starch processing plant

Since cassava is easy to rot, it needs to be processed as soon as possible after harvest, so you need to determine the capacity according to the cassava raw material, and then get a quote. If you are not sure about the capacity, you can also consult our sales manager and they will provide you with reasonable suggestions.






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