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How to make GARRI from unprocessed cassava

How to make GARRI from unprocessed cassava?

How to make GARRI from cassava? Usually, it consists of several parts: washing and washing of raw cassava tubers-peeling-cassava peeling and crushing-fermentation-dehydration-frying-sieving-packaging. This article will briefly introduce how to make Garri from cassava by machine.

1 Washing and washing of cassava tubers:

When raw cassava tubers are harvested from fields or farms, they are attached with sand, weeds, soil, stones, etc. First, the dry screener will remove these impurities. Then the cassava tubers cleaned with a dry sieve will enter the paddle washing machine for thorough cleaning while removing the surface peel. In this process, the cassava tubers are dry cleaned and wet washed, and the cleaning effect is very good.

2 Peeling cassava tubers:

In the process of making Garri from raw cassava, peeling is very important and necessary, which will affect the final taste of Garri. In this process, SDA company developed a new technology for peeling cassava using sand rollers. The new design has a long service life and good cleaning effect. In addition, the sandpaper attached to the peeling roller can be replaced after long-term use. Compared with replacing a complete roller,

Can save costs.

3 Crushing and fermentation of cassava tubers:

After peeling the cassava, the next step is to mash the cassava chunks to make cassava mash. The stainless steel grater designed by SDA can separate the starch water from the tapioca starch, which is very popular among customers. Then put the cassava in the bag and ferment for about 2 days.

4 Dehydrated and fried cassava mash:

After 2 days of fermentation, the mashed cassava bag is put in a hydraulic press for dehydration to reduce the moisture content to 38-40%. After that, the dehydrated cassava mash is sent to the fryer to complete the final step of how to make Garri from raw cassava.

5 Screening and packaging

In order to obtain high-quality rough, put the finished rough into a vibrating sieve machine, divide it into different particle sizes, and avoid the cassava chaff from appearing in the rough Garri. Finally, the automatic packaging machine will pack GARRI into bags for sale.






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