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How to dry tapioca flour

How to dry tapioca flour?

How to dry high-quality tapioca flour? Here we apply a flash dryer


SIDA’s drying system can achieve the drying effect in a short time. The whole machine is made of food grade stainless steel. In addition, our flash dryer adopts a negative pressure system, which can keep the workshop clean and reduce the loss of flour in the exhaust pipe. By installing an automatic control system, the dryer can stabilize the moisture content of cassava flour.

Cassava flour is processed from cassava tubers and is widely used as the main staple food in Africa. Some farmers even started to make flour at home. In the process of making cassava flour, how to dry cassava flour is the biggest problem faced by some farmers.

Traditionally, the method of making cassava flour is the dry method. For a small amount of cassava that needs to be dried, people always dry the cassava chips in the sun. Or some people even use plastic to erect greenhouses to shorten the drying time and prevent rain. However, it takes a long time to dry the cassava chips in the sun, and high productivity cannot be achieved.

Now, the latest advanced production method of cassava flour is wet processing, which can produce high-quality cassava flour and has a large capacity for continuous production. These processes are: washing, washing, peeling, crushing, degreasing, dehydrating, drying and packaging. Compared with the drying process, we adjusted the sequence between crushing and drying, which can greatly reduce heat consumption.

In recent years, cassava chip dryers have been invented to shorten the time and increase production capacity. Using this machine, cassava chips can be dried in a short time, and continuous production of cassava flour can be realized. But the problem is that it cannot ensure a stable moisture content in the finished product, and the quality of the cassava flour produced is not good. Now people are paying more and more attention to how to make high-quality tapioca flour

In summary, the quick dryer is the best solution for drying cassava flour. If you pursue high-quality tapioca flour, it will be your ideal choice.






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