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Potato flour production machine

Processing Capacity:20-800Tons/day

Application Scope: processing into flour





Potato flour production machine

Brief Introduction of Potato flour

Potato flour is also named Potato whole powder which is processed from Potato root by Potato flour production machine and it can maintain all nutrient composition in Potato.

The production of Potato flour is a physical process to separate dirty solids, fiber, etc. from Potato with water as media. It is widely used in food industry.

Here are the introduction of mainly used Potato flour production machine for Potato flour production:

1.Cleaning machine: The firstly used Potato flour production machine is dry sieve which is used for cleaning Potato from impurities, such as dust, stone, leaves and so on to get clean Potato. The inner spiral structure is adopted for dry sieve to achieve the purpose of Potato cleaning and transportation.

Main features: energy saving and easy operation.

2.Washing machine: Washing is a key part for Potato flour production, for the sediment of Potato will affect the quality of Potato flour. Paddle washing machine is the widely used Potato flour production machine whose main function is to remove the sediment from the outer layer of the Potato and the Potato peels.


Main features: stable operation, low breaking rate and low water consumption.

2.Potato peeling machine: Potato flour production machine for peeling is used for remove outer peels and subcutaneous cuticle of Potato roots. Failure to peel properly will influence the subsequent steps. Peeling can be finished bu manual labors or peeling machine. For large processing plant, peeling machine is necessary for it greatly improve working efficiency. The peeling rate of  peeling machine is above 95%, besides, it features with well matched motor configuration, stainless steel structure and large capacity.

3.Grinding machine: Grinding clean Potato root into Potato slurry to make it easy for dewatering and drying. The Potato flour production machine for grinding is rasper. Base on the plentiful experience of producing and international advanced technology,  Company independently design and manufacturer the high efficient rasper which has the features of compact structure, high speed, high grinding coefficient and easy operation. And the grinding rate can reach up to 95%.


4.Dehydrating machine: Sending the fine slurry to dewatering machine to remove the spare moisture inside the slurry, and then send it to the air dryer. Plate frame filter press is an effective type Potato flour production machine for dehydrating. It has the features of high degree of automation, small filter cake and high output.

5.Drying machine: Drying the dewatered Potato flour in the flash dryer to get dry product.

Flash dryer as the extensively used Potato flour production machine for drying, it utilizes the negative press in the whole system which can effectively control the loss of Potato flour. In addition, it has the features of high heat exchange rate, short drying time, high drying intensity and low energy consumption.


6.Sieving and packing machine: After drying, the obtained Potato flour is coarse powder which need to be further sieved to gat uniform finer flour. Vibration sieve is widely used Potato flour production machine for sieving purpose. Its main features inclues high performance, low noise and continuous operation.

After sieving, the Potato flour will be packed by automatic packing machine to different specification.






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