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Cassava starch centrifugal sieve

Processing Capacity:20-200Tons/day

Application Scope:starch machine




Cassava starch centrifugal sieve

Structure of cassava starch centrifugal sieve:


Cassava starch centrifugal sieve mainly consists of bearing, screen basket, outer casing, bracket, water tank, back-flushing system, conveying system and motor. In addition, according to the work needs to be equipped with a slag pump, a defoaming pump, according to user needs can also be equipped with adjustable seat plate.


Working principle:

After the material enters the sieve body, it is distributed on the screen by the distribution device. The screen meshes of cassava starch centrifugal sieve close to the inner wall of the cone drum, and the drum is fixed on the rotating 

shaft. The motor drives the rotating shaft to rotate, therefore screen rotates as the drum rotates. The high-speed rotation of the screen produces a strong centrifugal force. The starch fine particles and the liquid layer quickly pass 

through the sieve hole by means of centrifugal force, and become the undersize material, which flows out from the starch milk outlet of cassava starch centrifugal sieve. While the fiber and part of the liquid layer flow along the cone-

shaped screen and pass through the screen, flowing out from the fiber outlet.

Features of cassava starch centrifugal sieve:

1. With the latest international technology, centrifugal sieving machine combining the experience of China Agricultural University and  Company

2. Large capacity, stable working,higher starch extration rate,easy installation for cassava starch centrifugal sieve

3. Widely used in the starch processing plant

Characteristics of cassava starch centrifugal sieve:

1. This machine is made of stainless steel to prevent starch pollution;

2. The cassava starch centrifugal sieve surface is treated in a special process, beautiful and oil & dirt resistance;

3. The mesh is manufactured by special plate, beautiful and durable;

4. The rotating sieve basket is corrected by the authority balancing accuracy to ensure that the cassava starch centrifugal sieve running smoothly;

5. The nozzle passes strict contrast test of pressure and flow;

6. The cassava starch centrifugal sieve features big capacity, reasonable allocation of power, high starch extraction rate, easily installed.

The features of centrifugal sieving machine during starch processing plant are:

a. Combining the latest technology and years of experience into a whole;

b. Key components introduced abroad advanced technology, long service life, low maintenance cost;

c. Centrifugal sieving machine sieve basket is calibrated through dynamic equipment by domestic authority body;

d. All parts contact material are stainless steel, no material corrosion;

e. To facilitate the automatic design for centrifugal sieving machine, CIP system and chain automatic control can be easily realized;

f. Advanced surface treatment craft, Oil and dirty resisting;

g. Nozzle pass the strict examination in pressure and flow rate of centrifugal sieving machine;

h. Big capacity, low power consumption, stable operation, high potato starch extraction rate, high potato starch extraction and easily washing;

i. Starch centrifugal sieve widely used for potato starch, cassava starch and sweet potato starch extraction in starch processing factory;

The centrifugal sieving machine is just one part in starch production line,we can provid you the complete set of starch processing machine,the raw material can be cassava tuber,sweet potato,potato and other raw material.

Application of cassava starch centrifugal sieve

1. Sweet potato starch production line

2. Potato starch production line

3. Cassava starch production line

4. Wheat starch production line

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